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We are built on the foundation of a love of cars. And a long standing passion for car customisation

We treat our customers’ cars as if they are our own. We use our trained eye to advise what would work best and endeavour to achieve that goal of a perfectly customised car. With an exceptional range of products, we feel very few vehicle wrapping companies can offer the same level of overall service and personal dedication to our customers.

All types of vehicles welcome

Unlike many vehicle wrapping companies, Wrapvehicles Warrington are eager to work on as many types of vehicle as possible. Whilst we can (and do) wrap luxury and performance cars on a regular basis, we are also open to working on everyday cars, classics and commercial vehicles.

Car customisation doesn’t start and end with a Ferrari, we are equally as passionate about wrapping a BMW 1 Series or VW Polo as we are about a Nissan GTR or Rolls Royce Wraith.

Our team of

top-level professionals

Joseph Foster

Founder & Owner

Daniel Foster

General Manager

John Foster

Certified Technician

Thomas Jones

Certified Technician

Tommy Foster

Certified Technician

Keith Johanes

Certified Technician

a company for car enthusiasts by a car enthusiats.



“I’ve always had a passion for cars, I can remember sketching car designs when I was 7 and even since then I have been obsessed with cars.

Over the years I have owned dozens of cars, getting heavily involved in several scenes, creating some great projects. And I thought why don’t I turn my hobby into a profession?

So I did, I now have a Wrapvehicles franchise and get to live my dream. Getting to advise my customers on their project, making recommendations and seeing these creations become a reality is a real pleasure.”

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